As from December 2019, IGEL UD7 model H850C is equipped with the AMD Secure Processor.

H850C devices manufactured before December 2019 do not include the AMD Secure Processor and cannot be upgraded.

The implementation of the AMD Secure Processor technology required mainboard and UEFI modification; backward compatibility is not supported.

The AMD Secure Processor technology increases the system boot time between 3 and 4.5 seconds.

Features Distinguishing H850C Devices with the AMD Secure Processor

The following features distinguish H850C devices with the integrated AMD Secure Processor from H850C devices without it:

  • BIOS version 3.9.13-10092019 and higher

    1. Turn on (or restart) your UD7 device.
    2. During boot, hold the [DEL] key until you see the Front Page screen shown below.

    3. Choose Setup Utility.
      The InsydeH20 Setup Utility opens.
    4. Press [F9] to open the System Information window.
    5. In the System Information window, check BIOS Version.
  • Hardware ID "LX-11", introduced with IGEL OS version 11.03.
  • A black dot in the right bottom corner of the device label, which you can see if you pull out the black label holder located at the rear of the device: