UEFI Secure Boot Enabling Guides

As of version 10.04.100, IGEL Linux supports UEFI Secure Boot.

UEFI Secure Boot is a security mechanism which ensures that only signed drivers and bootloaders are loaded.

The following IGEL devices support UEFI Secure Boot:

  • UD2-LX 40
  • UD3-LX 50
  • UD3-LX 51
  • UD6-LX 51
  • UD7-LX 10

    BIOS Update Information
    Please note that you must have the BIOS version specified in the prerequisites section of each guide. If you do not have the required version and need to update your BIOS, please contact IGEL Service at service@igel.com. IGEL Service will provide you with all necessary information and assist you in updating your BIOS.

Enabling UEFI Secure Boot comprises two steps:

  1. Changing the device's boot type to UEFI Boot (this is not necessary for UD7-LX 10, which boots in UEFI mode by default)
  2. Activating the Secure Boot feature
Last update: July 11, 2018