If your environment does not allow for using the DHCP server that comes with the Deployment Appliance, you can use your own DHCP server instead.

When you use your own DHCP server instead of the built-in DHCP server, the MAC address filter will not be effective (see Listing the MAC Address Filter). The MAC address filter is required if some devices in the network are not to be converted. Moreover, the MAC address filter prevents the devices from being provided with the firmware multiple times.

To enable firmware deployment with an external server instead of the Deployment Appliance's built-in DHCP server, proceed as follows: 

  1. Ensure that the DHCP server built into the Deployment Appliance is stopped or disabled; see Starting/Stopping the DHCP Service or Enabling/Disabling the DHCP Service.
  2. Configure your DHCP server as follows:
    • DHCP option 66 (Server-Name) must be set to the IP address of the Deployment Appliance.
    • For devices that have legacy BIOS enabled, DHCP option 67 (Bootfile-Name) must be set to pxelinux.0
    • For devices that have UEFI enabled, DHCP option 67 (Bootfile-Name) must be set to BOOTX64.EFI