You have several options for configuring a device managed by UMA:

  • via the local IGEL setup application
  • via IGEL Universal Management Suite
  • via a VNC connection to the device (shadowing)
  • and/or a combination of these.

    Configuring the device via the Windows System Panel is strongly discouraged, as this would not save the settings in a profile.

The setup structure is similar to that on IGEL Linux thin clientsand in IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

To start the setup application (when logged in as Administrator or if setup pages have been activated for users):

Click the Setup symbol in Start menu or

Click Setup in the programs list or

Place an icon for Setup on the Desktop (Setup > Accessories > Setup Session > Starting Methods for Session).

To exit Setup:

Click Apply in order to save changed settings.

Click OK in order to save changed settings and exit Setup.

Click Cancel in order to exit Setup without saving any changes.