Interface [number]

Menu path: Setup > Network > LAN Interface > Interface [number]

  • Use IGEL Setup for configuring the LAN interface

    The LAN interface is configured using the IGEL Setup.

    The LAN interface is configured in another manner.

  • Get the IP from the DHCP server.

    The IP address is configured automatically via DHCP.

  • Specify an IP address

    The IP address is configured manually below

    • IP Address: IP address, e.g
    • Network Mask: Network mask, e.g.
  • Gateway
    • enable

      The interface will use the specified gateway.

    • (Gateway address): IP address of the gateway, e.g.
    • Terminal Name: Network name of the thin client
  • Enable DNS Caching

    The system uses a cache for DNS information.

  • Enable DNS

    DNS is activated manually.

    When using DHCP or BOOTP, manual DNS configuration is not necessary.
    • Default Domain: Usually the name of the local network
    • Name server: IP address of the nameserver to use.
Last update: June 28, 2018