The setup application comprises the following main areas:

  • Sessions - In this area, you can create and configure application sessions such as ICA, RDP, terminal emulation, browser, and others.
  • Accessories - The IGEL Setup application can be restricted for users (but not for the administrator). A number of Windows services can be enabled or disabled.
  • User interface - The system language, display settings, entry devices as well as the behavior of the desktop and start menu can be configured here. These settings apply to all users in a group (user/administrator).
  • Network - In this area, you can configure all the network settings for LAN / WLAN interfaces. Network drives are also configured here.
  • Devices - The options for using various USB devices (e.g. memory sticks, WLAN, or Bluetooth devices), as well as printers, are enabled or configured here.
  • Security - Passwords for the administrator and the user are set up, a user is specified for the automatic logon procedure and domain information for a used Active Directory is entered here. The Windows firewall can also be configured here with the IGEL Setup.
  • System - A number of basic parameters such as time synchronization, firmware update information, write filter configuration (Unified Write Filter, UWF), etc. can be specified here. Individual IGEL services (features) can also be managed (enabled/disabled) here.

To navigate in the setup application:

Click one of these areas to open up the relevant sub-structure.

Navigate within the tree structure in order to switch between the setup options.

Use the arrow buttons to move backwards and forwards between the visited setup pages or to reach the next level up.

Setup Navigation