The IGEL Device Information provides a quick overview of the basic properties of your device.

Double-click the info icon in the Windows taskbar in order to bring up the device information.

Info Icon

The IGEL Device Information window opens. You can open the following sections with a single click:

  • About: Product name, total uptime, last boot time, IGEL License.
  • Applications: A list of the installed (third party) software with the version specified.
  • Network Info: Terminal name, IP address, MAC address, default gateway, DNS servers.
  • Hardware: CPU version and speed, RAM, disk capacity, chipset driver, product, boot mode.
  • Licensed Features: A list of features such as RDP, Citrix Program Neighborhood, VMware View or Adobe Reader.
  • Updates: Hotfixes and partial updates.
  • Windows Activation: License status, reason for the license status, last activation error.