Perform the steps below to install the end device in your network environment in just a few minutes:

  1. Connect the end device to a VGA, DVI or DisplayPort monitor, an AT-compatible keyboard with a PS/2 or USB connection, a USB mouse and the LAN using an RJ45 connector.
  2. Connect the end device to the power supply.
  3. Switch on the end device, and wait until the graphic desktop is launched.
  4. Log in either as a
    • User with the preset password user or
    • Admin with the preset password admin.
  5. If the EULA is displayed, read and accept it. This step is part of the initial startup since IGEL Windows 10 IoT 4.20.100.

    The EULA is displayed when the device has not been started yet and has not been registered with the UMS.
  6. Change the administrator password.

    Find information such as the product version, IP address or MAC address in IGEL Device Information.