This is relevant for IGEL WES 7 and IGEL W10.

You can update the thin client's firmware globally (without USB storage device).

With a master client you can create a customized snapshot of the firmware and use HTTPS via the UMS to roll it out globally. This method is particularly suitable if many thin clients are to be updated.

Take the following steps:

Make one Windows device your master client and load it with all the required certificates, settings and installations.

Create a profile in the UMS.

Assign the profile to the master client and to the recipient clients.

Creating a New "Customized Snapshot" Profile in the UMS

  1. In the thin client configuration go to System > Update > Snapshots > Upload.
  2. Select HTTPS as Protocol.
  3. Enter the name of your UMS Server.
  4. Enter ums-filetransfer as Path.
  5. Enter the File Name of your new snapshot, e. g. snapshot_file.snp
  6. Enter the Name of Firmware for new Snapshot, e. g. UniversalDesktopWES-3.13.100.snp
  7. Enter User Name and Password.
  8. In the thin client configuration go to System > Update > Snapshots > Download.
  9. Enter the same File Name as in the upload entry, here: snapshot_file.snp
  10. Click Save to finish the creation of the profile.

Assigning the Profile to the Master Client and to the Recipient Clients

  1. In the UMS navigation tree, right-click the master client.
  2. Select Update & snapshot commands > Create Firmware Snapshot.
    The snapshot is stored in the ums-filetransfer.
  3. Right-click the recipient clients.
  4. Select Update & snapshot commands > Download Firmware Snapshot.
    The snapshot is downloaded and installed.

    Do not interrupt the update process. This can result in system inconsistencies. Do not remove the USB device until the update has finished.

    See also: Updating the Firmware Using a USB Storage Device.