Menu path: Setup > System > Power Management

The usual energy saving options found in Windows are included in the IGEL Setup .

You can configure the following parameters:

  • Use IGEL Setup for configuring Power Management settings

    Power Management settings are configured using the IGEL Setup.

    Power Managemenr is configured in another manner.

  • Turn off monitor: Choose after which timespan of inactivity the monitor is turned off
    • After 10 minutes
    • After 5 hours
    • Never
  • System Standby:Choose after which timespan of inactivity the system is put into standby .
    • After 1 minutes
    • Never
  • Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby

    The user must enter a password after standby.

    The user does not need to enter a password.

  • Power Button Action: Configure what happens when the power button is pressed
    • Shutdown
    • Standby
    • Do nothing