IGEL thin clients with Windows 10 IoT receive a Microsoft Digital License and are initially activated at the IGEL warehouse.

When a snapshot is created, the system image is generalized and the activation is canceled. On installing a snapshot, the system is activated by connecting to a Microsoft online service if Internet access is available. However, running the thin client in an environment without Internet access is also possible.

If the thin client is never connected to the Internet, it remains in the state "deferred activation", and the thin client can be operated without any restrictions. If activation fails, the thin client goes into the state "not activated"; in this case, a watermark may be displayed.

To determine the current state of the Windows activation:

Right-click the Windows start menu and select System.
In the base information, under Windows activation, you find the currect state of the Windows activation.
The following states are possible:

  • Windows is activated. Message: "Windows is activated."
  • Deferred activation. Message: "Connect to the Internet to activate Windows."
  • Not activated. Message: "Windows is not activated."