All illustrations and descriptions in this document relate to the IGEL Universal Desktop W7 firmware in Version 3.13ΓΌ.100.

This manual is divided into the following sections:

  • Quick installation: Setting up the thin client for the first time
  • Boot options: Information about the client boot process
  • IGEL device information: Device and setup information
  • IGEL setup: Configuring, launching and ending setup
  • Sessions: Creating and configuring application sessions
  • User interface: Screen, desktop, start menu, language, entry
  • Network: LAN/WLAN, VPN, routing. Network drives
  • Devices: ThinPrint, USB
  • Security: User accounts, password, Active Directory, Password Manager Agent
  • System: Date/time, remote management, shadowing, energy options, registry, write filters, update, firmware functions