After booting, the minimal Linux system displays a simple dialog that will guide you through the capture process. Use [tab ]to move between its buttons and [enter ]to activate the selected button.

  1. Connect a USB storage device. A minimum of 7.5 GB free storage space is recommended.

    Attach USB Storage

  2. Press Continue
    If there is less than 7.5 GB of free storage space on the device, a warning will be displayed. If you do not have many features ihnstalled, you can still try to complete the capture process.

    Try Anyway

  3. When you are prompted for the filename for the capture file, enter a filename or leave the default. Press OK.

    Enter Filename

    The system will then write the *.wim capture file to the connected device, showing the progress of the operation.

    Depending on the operating system size, compressing the operating system and writing the image to USB storage can take 20 minutes or longer.


  4. When the capture process has finished successfully, the system desplays the following notification: