Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Configuration

With the help of the list of available features, you can easily enable or disable firmware functions (e.g. session types).

If a function was disabled, the associated session type will no longer be available when the system is restarted. Existing sessions of this type will no longer be shown but will not be deleted either.

List of available features:

  • Citrix ICA Client
  • Citrix Online Plugin
  • Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect Client (VDI, TS, Legacy)
  • Fabulatech USB Redirection
  • Leostream Connect
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Media Player
  • Microsoft RDP
  • NCP Enterprise VPN Client
  • NoMachine NX Client
  • Recognizes a WES7 OS
  • Recognizes a WES7 OS with FBWF
  • Rotation support
  • SPICE client
  • SumatraPDF Reader
  • ThinPrint
  • VMware Horizon Client
  • Voice over IP (Ekiga)
  • vWorkspace AppPortal
  • vWorkspace Client
  • vWorkspace Multimedia Redirection

    Disable the ThinPrint function in this list if you want to use ThinPrint within a VMware Horizon session. The VMware Horizon client features its own ThinPrint component which may be disturbed by the ThinPrint service running in parallel.

You can also create and configure your own applications. Give details of the start options for an own application as well as the application to be launched and, where applicable, the parameters to be transferred.