IGEL thin clients comprise the latest hardware and an embedded operating system. Depending on the product, this operating system may be based on IGEL Linux or Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard.

The firmware included with every IGEL Universal Desktop product is multifunctional and contains a wide range of protocols allowing access to server-based services. The IGEL Universal Desktop firmware is available on the basis of two possible operating systems.

Depending on the operating system, the following options are available:


IGEL Linux

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Ericom Powerterm terminal emulation

IGEL Shared Workplace

IGEL Universal MultiDisplay

Codec package

Management software: Universal Management Suite

For optimum management of your IGEL thin clients, the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)is available on our download page.

With the IGEL Universal Management Suite, you can configure thin clients in the same way as in the devices' local setup.