Uninstalling the IGEL system from the thin client will void your entitlement to software support from IGEL. After uninstalling the IGEL system you can only re-install it locally from a snapshot on a USB storage device.

  1. Log on to the thin client as administrator:
    1. Select Start > Log Off, holding down the [Shift] key
    2. Hold down the [Shift] key until the logon window is shown.
    3. Log on as the Administrator user with the password administrator.
      In a production system, the administrator password should be changed after the first logon.
  2. Disable the File Based Write Filter (FBWF) by unchecking it in the IGEL Setup under System > File Based Write Filter

  3. Reboot the device.
    The FBWF status is shown as disabled (red icon) in the taskbar:


  4. Log on to the device as administrator (see above).
    Click Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features > IGEL System > Uninstall.
    The device reboots.

    Uninstalling IGEL System

  5. Log on to the device as administrator (see above).
  6. Run the batch file C:\IGEL\bin\igel_sysprep.bat.
    This executes the Windows Sysprep mechanism.
    The device boots into a minimal Linux system and is ready to capture the operating system image in the next step.

    Starting the Sysprep Mechanism