Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Display

Here, you can configure the settings for the screens used.

  • Use IGEL Setup for configuring display settings

    The display settings are configured using this setup page.

    The display settings are not configured via the IGEL setup. The deactivation will be effective after a reboot.

  • Number of screens: Number of screens used
  • Arranges a number of screens in a single row.
  • Arranges a number of screens in two rows.
  • Rotates the selected screen anti-clockwise.
  • Rotates the selected screen clockwise.
  • or Selected screen: Selects the screen whose settings are to be changed.
  • Screen resolution: Specifies the resolution for the selected screen. From Version 3.12.100, the setting is configured via a slider. If the slider is at the far left, the screen resolution will be detected automatically.

In order for automatic detection to work, the monitor must supply the correct data.

For details of the maximum resolutions supported by IGEL models, please see the data sheet for the relevant device.

For the rotation (pivot), at least 128 MB as video memory must be configured in the thin client's BIOS.


  • Refresh rate: Specifies the refresh rate for the selected screen.