Setting up a Maintenance Screen on Windows Embedded


You want to hide the administrator's operations during VNC sessions from observers, e.g. on a public kiosk or ATM system.


As of IGEL Windows Embedded Standard 7 version 3.12.100, it is possible to hide VNC sessions behind a custom image.

In IGEL Windows 10 IoT 4.01.100, the Maintenance Screen feature does not work (Known Issue.)

  1. Use UMS to deploy the custom image to the Thin Client:

    See the UMS Manual section on Files.

    1. Set Thin Client file location to F:\[your_image_name].
    2. Set the Owner to Root and disallow all access for Others. This ensures that local users cannot modify the image file.
  2. Set up VNC sessions on the Thin Client, either locally or via UMS, to use the maintenance image:
    1. Go to System > Shadow.
    2. Activate Show VNC overlay picture.
    3. As Path to the picture file for VNC overlay, enter the path you configured for the UMS file transfer.
    4. Select a Drawing mode for the overlay picture that suits your image and display.

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Last update: July 11, 2018