If the system no longer functions correctly, you can simply restore it via the hidden boot menu.

To access the boot menu, proceed as follows:

Press the [ESC] key briefly after switching on the device.

Download a previously created firmware snapshot and set the parameter Reset Terminal Settings to true in order to reset all system configuration parameters.

The download settings correspond to the above described procedure for the system update (snapshot mechanism).

If you have set a password to protect the local IGEL setup application, this will affect the boot menu. Without the setup password, you will not be able to access this restoration tool. System restoration will then only be possible with the IGEL Universal Management Suite!


Press the [ESC] key briefly after switching on the device.

Select the Rescue Shell.

Delete the local settings using the command reset_wes.

Important: Data in the User partition (F:) will be retained both when resetting the local settings and when installing a snapshot. You should therefore delete them separately!