You want to update the device's firmware locally (without IGEL Universal Management Suite or HTTP/FTP server).


You can use a USB storage device to update the firmware locally. This method is particularly suitable if only one device or only a few devices are to be updated and it would not be worth installing an FTP or HTTP server purely for the update.

Procedure for Windows Embedded Standard 7

  1. Download the update file (.zip) for your device from the IGEL download server.
  2. Save the unpacked update file (.snp) in the directory \igel\snapshots on a FAT32-formatted USB storage device. (A USB device can be configured as snapshot source by clicking System > Update > Snapshots > Protocol = FILE > Prepare USB Device.)

    Storage media formatted without a Master Boot Record (MBR) are not suited for this installation method. If the installation fails with the message "Failed to access Snapshot File...", refer to the FAQ Formatting USB Media for WES7 Snapshots.
  3. Configure the firmware update in the local setup under System > Update > Snapshots:
    1. Select file in the protocol selection box.
    2. Enter the filename of the snapshot file (.snp) you want to download and install.
    3. [optional] Enable Reset Terminal Settings for resetting all configuration parameters to the factory default settings.
    4. Apply the changes so that they are effective for the device.
  4. Connect the USB storage device to the device and wait until the device has been detected.
  5. Launch the update process via Download Snapshot.
    Download and installation of the update will begin.

    Do not interrupt the update process when it is in progress. This can result in system inconsistencies. Do not remove the USB device until the update has finished.

    Due to the limitations of the FAT32 file system the .snp file size must be less than 4 GiB (2³² = 4.294.967.296 Byte).