The following stages of the boot process are important from a configuration perspective:

  1. Second stage loader, the loading of the kernel
    • You can access the Boot Menu in this stage. For details, see Boot Menu.
    • You can set up Base Custom Commands with specific execution times. For details, see Base

  2. Network Integration
    • After the kernel has loaded, network configurations are applied. Depending on the settings of the endpoint device, there are three possible ways of integrating the endpoint device into the network environment:

      • DHCP
      • BOOTP
      • Manually configured IP address

        The network interface can be stopped and restarted on the Linux Console (accessible via [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F11]) with this command: /etc/init.d/network stop /etc/init.d/network start

  3. Starting the X server and the local windowmanager
    • You can set up Desktop Custom Commands for the stages of the X server launch. For details, see Desktop.