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How to Disable IGEL OS Features to Reduce Firmware Size

You want to update your IGEL OS firmware to a higher release version, but the firmware update requires more disk space. Updating devices with less disk space than required leads to an error: Not enough space on local drive.


The size of the new firmware

  • with all enabled software features included

  • with the NVIDIA graphics driver

  • with the Firefox profile partition

  • possibly with a custom partition

  • possibly with custom wallpaper and bootsplash

exceeds the device's disk space (e.g. 2 GB).


Disable firmware features not needed for the productive operation to reduce the size of the firmware:

  1. In IGEL Setup, go to System > Firmware Customization > Features.

  2. Disable features not needed in your environment.

  3. Save your settings with Apply or OK.

  4. Reboot the device.

  5. Update the device.

    Use profiles in order to deactivate features on a group of devices. For details on profiles, see Profile.

Alternative Method for Reducing the Feature Set as of IGEL OS 11.04

If you update to IGEL OS 11.04 or higher, you can alternatively use the method described under Error: "Not enough space on local drive" when Updating to IGEL OS 11.08 or Higher. The advantage of this method in comparison to disabling features via the IGEL Setup is that you won't have to disable the deactivated features once again in case you reset the endpoint device to factory defaults (see Reset to Factory Defaults).

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