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VMware Horizon

Menu path: Sessions > Appliance Mode > VMware Horizon

Server URL: URL of the VMware Horizon server.

User name: User name when logging on to the VMware Horizon server.

User password: Password when logging on to the VMware Horizon server.

Session passwords are stored with reversible encryption. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to store the session password on the endpoint device. 

Domain: Domain when logging on to the VMware Horizon server.

Desktop name: Desktop that is to be launched automatically.


The desktop given in Desktop name is launched automatically.

Network level authentication

  • on: The user will authenticate themselves on the network level (network layer authentication) in order to establish an RDP connection.

  • off: Conventional authentication.

If network level authentication is enabled, the local login window is used. This also applies if the Use local login window option under Sessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Local Logon is disabled.

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