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Context Menu of a Search Query

Menu path: Structure Tree > Search History

The following options are available to you in the context menu of a search query:

  • Delete: Deletes the search result from the list.
  • Edit Search: Allows you to change the search query. Search editing is possible only in expert mode. For details on expert mode, see Expert Mode. Text expert mode is possible for the search type Devices only.

The following options are always active if Automatically load amount and items is selected under Menu Bar > Misc > Settings > Views and Searches > Page Behavior > When opening a search result... . If one of the other parameters is chosen, the options below will only be active after clicking the button Load device (or Load profile / Load view) in the content panel of the search query.

  • Save as...: Saves the search result in one of the following formats: XML, XSL-FO, HTML, or CSV.

The following options are only active if you have chosen Devices as a search type: 

  • Assign objects to the devices from the search...: Assigns objects to the devices that you searched for.
    For details of the procedure, see How to Assign Objects to a View in the IGEL UMS.
  • Detach objects from the devices from the search...: Removes the assigned objects.

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