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How to Migrate a UMS Server

If you want to migrate your IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) to a new server, here you find the instructions, recommendations and tips about the migration process.

Instructions for Migration Scenarios

You can find detailed instructions for the following migration scenarios:

Recommendations and Tips


  • Keep the migration and the update procedures separate. If you want to move from UMS 12.01 to 12.03, first update the UMS and migrate the server afterward, or vice versa.

  • Use the same UMS ID.
    The connection to ILP, App Portal and other services are all dependent on the UMS ID, and would be affected if it changes.

  • Use the same certificate chain.
    If it must be changed, use the old chain for migration and change it after the migration successfully worked or change it before migrating.


The move provides an opportunity to remove any UMS database data which are no longer used. For example, you can

  • delete endpoint devices that no longer exist.

  • delete profiles that are no longer used.

  • remove files and firmware updates that are no longer needed.

It is highly recommended to create a backup before carrying out the cleanup (as a backup of the system running) and another one after the cleanup. 

During the migration, there will be no negative impact on your endpoint devices – they will continue to work autonomously. Exception: login via Shared Workplace (SWP). For details, see IGEL OS > IGEL OS Articles > Which Features of IGEL OS Will Be Affected If the UMS Is Down?

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