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The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) Web App is a web-based user interface to the UMS Server. The installation of the UMS Web App is handled via the UMS installer, see IGEL UMS Installation.

The UMS Web App can currently be used only in addition to the Java-based UMS Console. Some features are currently available only in the UMS Web App, others only in the UMS Console; see the feature matrix under Overview of the IGEL UMS.

The range of functions available in the UMS Web App will constantly be expanded.

All features that are already available in the UMS Web App are fully supported.

The main features of the UMS Web App include:

  • managing device configuration and creating profiles

  • shadowing of devices and various device commands (power control, update, sending/receiving settings, reset to factory defaults, etc.)

  • assigning objects to devices and device directories

  • importing and managing IGEL OS Apps and their versions

  • monitoring the status of the UMS network

  • configurable search functionality

  • logging of actions

If you would like to learn more about the role of the UMS Web App in your IGEL Environment, you can read our guide How to Start with IGEL, or take a look at the IGEL Academy Courses.

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