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Moving a Device Directory

When moving a device directory to another directory, the directory itself, its subdirectories, and devices contained in them will be moved.

Menu path: UMS Web App > Devices

To move a device directory, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Directory Tree, click on the directory that you want to move.

  2. Click [Ctrl + X].

  3. Click on the directory in which you would like to move the directory.

  4. Click [Ctrl + V].
    The Move directory dialog opens.

If profiles and apps are indirectly assigned to a device or revoked as a result of the device being moved to a different directory, the configuration of the device will change too. Moving an IGEL OS 12 device to another directory can lead to the uninstallation of apps.

The new configuration can take effect either immediately or when the device is next rebooted.

  1. Select when you want the changes to take effect and confirm this by clicking on Move.

You can move a directory also by dragging and dropping it to another directory.

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