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New Features 6.10.100

UMS, common

  • Added: Support of Amazon AWS Aurora datasources
  • Added: Admin CLI commands to start, stop, restart and end update mode of the UMS Server.
  • Deprecated: Deprecated the old Admin CLI option 'restart-server'. This is now a subcommand of 'server'.
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.72 to 8.5.75
  • Updated: Azul Zulu JRE from version 8u302 to 8u322

Administrator Application

  • Changed: Postgres datasources with empty database name can now be defined

High Availability Feature

  • Added: Communication between UMS Servers in HA environment installed on distributed subnets.

Custom Device Attributes

  • Changed: Values of device attributes can also be set by devices. It can be configured, whether UMS/UMS Web App/IMI, devices, or both are allowed to change the values (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Device Attributes).

Console, common

  • Added: Information about all available network adapters of a device (lx 11.07.100 or higher) is sent to and displayed in the UMS Console and the UMS Web App. This information can also be accessed via the IMI.

IMI, server

  • Changed: Added more session information to login logging of IMI and UMS Web App

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Changed: Updated bundled Zulu JRE from version 8u302 to 8u322
  • Changed: Updated Spring Boot to version 2.6.2 (embedded Tomcat version 9.0.56)

UMS Web App


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