You can observe the desktop of an device on your local PC via shadowing with VNC. Shadowing via the UMS Web App and the UMS Console is supported for IGEL OS 12 and OS 11 devices. For more information on shadowing via the UMS Console, see Shadowing - Observe IGEL OS Desktop via VNC.

To shadow the device, you will require Remote access permission, which can be set in the UMS Console via [context menu of the device / device directory] > Access control. See Object-Related Access Rights.

To shadow the IGEL OS 12 device:

  1. Create a profile for IGEL OS base system and go to System > Remote Access > Shadow. For how to create profiles, see How to Create and Assign Profiles in the IGEL UMS Web App.

  2. Enable Allow remote shadowing and configure other settings according to your needs.

    Secure Shadowing and IGEL OS 12

    There is no need to enable secure shadowing since shadowing of IGEL OS 12 devices is always via Unified Protocol, i.e. communication is always encrypted. However, you can activate secure shadowing if you want that the devices could be shadowed via the UMS only (internal VNC or external VNC viewer). Shadowing of the devices by another computer is then not possible.

  3. Save the settings and assign the profile to the required devices.

  4. Under Devices, select the device and click Shadow.

    The shadowing request will be sent to the device. If you decided to enable Prompt user to allow remote session, the user must accept the shadowing request.