Menu path: UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway

You can connect the UMS to one or more IGEL Cloud Gateways (ICG).

Install new Cloud Gateway with the ICG Remote Installer

See Installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway.

Update Cloud Gateway with the ICG Update Wizard

See Updating the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG).

Update Keystore with the Update Keystore Wizard

See Certificate Management.

Remove Cloud Gateway

Add a Cloud Gateway

Icon Entfernen

Delete Cloud Gateway

Edit Cloud Gateway


Navigate to the ICG instance view

Connect New IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Displayname: Display name of the gateway
  • Host: DNS name or IP address of the gateway
  • Port: TCP port on which the gateway is listening (default: 8443)
  • Host (external): External DNS name/IP address of the gateway
  • Port (external): TCP port on which the gateway is listening for external connections

  • Proxy Server Settings:
    • No Proxy Server: Direct connection to ICG
    • Use Default Proxy Server: Use the proxy server which is configured as default in Proxy Server.
    • Use selected Proxy Server: Select a proxy server from the list.

    For details of how to set up all components for a connection to ICG, read Installation and Setup.