Menu path: UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mobile Devices

This section gives you an overview of the status of the IGEL Could Gateway (ICG) and its connection to the Apple Push Notification service.
Users can scan the QR code with the IGEL MDM App for iOS to enroll their devices. For more information, see Connecting Mobile Devices to the UMS.

  • Displayname: The displayname
  • Host: The host
  • Port: The port
  • Apns Status: Status of the connection to the Apple Push Notification service
  • Firmware available: Shows if the firmware required for MDM is available
  • Enrollment URL: The enrollment URL

Possible actions related to the QR code:

  • show: Show the QR code in a separate window
  • send via email: Send the QR code via email
  • save as jpg: Save the QR code as JPG file
  • send as png: Save the QR code