Emails can only be sent if you have configured appropriate mail settings under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mail Settings.

To send a view as mail, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click on a view.
  2. Select Send view result as mail... in the context menu.

    The Send view result as mail... option is always active if Automatically load amount and items is selected under Menu Bar > Misc > Settings > Views and Searches > Page Behavior > When opening a view result... . If one of the other parameters is chosen, the Send view result as mail... option will only be active after clicking a button Load devices (or Search for hits > Load devices) in the content panel of the view. See also Views and Searches.

    The Send view result as mail... window opens.

  3. Enter the recipient address in the Mail recipient field. A number of recipient addresses can be entered, separate them with a semicolon ";".
  4. Under Result format, select the format in which the view is to be sent.
  5. Check the Create archive box to send the view as a zip file.

    You can also send views automatically and regularly as an administrative task.