To open the UMS Web App:

 In the web browser, open the URL https://<server>:8443/webapp/#/login.

"8443" is the default GUI server port, see "GUI server port" under Settings. For detailed information on the UMS ports, see UMS Communication Ports.
If you have changed the GUI server port, adjust the URL accordingly.


 In the symbol bar of the UMS Console, click the icon .

Login Data

To log in to the UMS Web App, you can use:

  • the credentials of the UMS superuser, which can be changed in the UMS Administrator > Datasource > UMS superuser. See Changing the UMS Superuser

  • the additionally created administrator account, which can be added in the UMS Console > System > Administrator accounts. See Create Administrator Accounts.

The login data of the database user are not accepted for the UMS Web App.