The use of an external database system is recommended in the following cases:

  • You manage a large network of devices.
  • A dedicated database system is already in use in your company.
  • You integrate the High Availability solution.

In other cases, the use of the embedded database is suitable. It is included in the standard UMS installation, see IGEL UMS Installation under Windows or IGEL UMS Installation under Linux.

For details on the supported database systems, see the "Supported Environment" section of the release notes. Details of the requirements when installing and operating the database can be found in the documentation for the particular DBMS.

  • To configure the database, use the relevant DBMS management program.
  • To configure the data source and to connect the UMS to the database, use the UMS Administrator > Datasource.

Be aware not to use special characters in your schema name or database user name!

All UMS Servers must work with the same database.

For large High Availability environments, cluster databases are recommended.

For the backup procedure for UMS installations with the external database, see Creating a Backup.

See also Migrating a UMS Database From Embedded DB to Microsoft SQL Server