Menu path: Structure Tree > Search History

The following options are available to you in the context menu of a search query:

  • Delete: Deletes the search result from the list.
  • Edit Search: Allows you to change the search query.

The following options are always active if Automatically load amount and items is selected under Menu Bar > Misc > Settings > Views and Searches > Page Behavior > When opening a search result... . If one of the other parameters is chosen, the options below will only be active after clicking the button Load device (or Load profile / Load view) in the content panel of the search query.

  • Save as...: Saves the search result in one of the following formats: XML, XSL-FO, HTML, or CSV.

The following options are only active if you have chosen Devices as a search type: 

  • Assign objects to the devices from the search...: Assigns objects to the devices that you searched for.
    For details of the procedure, see Assigning Objects to a View.
  • Detach objects from the devices from the search...: Removes the assigned objects.