Take notice of the following information regarding the UMS Web App.


  • The login data of the database user are not accepted for the UMS Web App. For how to log in to the UMS Web App, see Logging in to the UMS Web App.


  • The UMS Web App and the UMS Console share the same permissions. For detailed information on access rights in the IGEL UMS, see Create Administrator Accounts.
  • Read permissions to a directory enable access to devices in this directory; permissions only to devices are not sufficient.

Synchronization between the UMS Console and the UMS Web App

  • Changes made in the UMS Console are immediately available in the UMS Web App, and vice versa.
  • Changes made in the UMS Console are searchable not immediately, but after the next reindexing, which is executed every hour.


  • Currently, only logs for actions performed in the UMS Web App are displayed. 
  • Log files for the UMS Web App can also be found in /rmguiserver/logs/wums*

Shadowing (VNC)

  • Shadowing over ICG is only possible with IGEL Cloud Gateway version 2.02 or higher.
  • For secure shadowing, newly registered devices need to boot several times until the certificate for the SSL tunnel is transferred to the UMS.


Bulk Actions

  • The simultaneous selection of several devices or directories is currently not possible. If you want to execute bulk commands, you can do it now only by selecting an individual directory.

Supported Resolution

  • The minimal supported resolution is 768 px.


  • In case of using the UMS Web App in a HA environment, the UMS Web App does not necessarily have to be installed on every UMS Server. The UMS Console and the UMS Web App can be installed on different servers.

RAM and Disk Space Requirements