Menu path: [mobile-device profile] > Mail

Use the [+] icon to add a new mail account.

  • Account Description: Display name for the account
  • Account Type:
    • EmailTypeIMAP
    • EmailTypePOP
  • Path Prefix: Path prefix for the IMAP mail server.
  • Account Name: Username on mail server
  • Email Address: E-mail address
  • Prevent Move: Mail messages cannot be moved between mail accounts. (Default: Disabled)
  • DIsable Mail Recents Syncing: Recently used addresses are not synced across devices. (Default: Disabled)
  • Allow Mail Drop: Mail is not an option in the share sheet. (Default: Disabled)
  • Prevent App Sheet: If set to true, this account will not be available for sending mail in third-party applications. (Default: Disabled)