Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mail Settings

The mail settings described here are required for the following functions:

Mail Settings

  • SMTP host: Host name or IP address of the SMTP server (outbox)
  • Sender address: Sender address which is to appear in UMS mails.
  • Activate SMTP authentication

     The UMS will log on to the SMTP server in order to send mails. The login data must be defined under SMTP user name and SMTP password.

  • SMTP user name: User name when logging on to the SMTP server
  • SMTP password: Password when logging on to the SMTP server
  • SMTP port: Port for the connection between the UMS and the SMTP server. For unencrypted SMTP, port 25 is used by default. For SMTP-SSL, the default port is 465; for STARTTLS, it is port 587.
  • Activate SMTP-SSL

     The mails will be sent with SMTPS encryption.

  • Activate SMTP-STARTTLS

     TLS encryption for transporting mails will be enabled in accordance with the STARTTLS procedure.

  • TLS Protocols Available: Defines the protocols used for communication with the SMTP server.

    If no protocol is selected, TLS 1.0 is used. At least one protocol has to be selected. If more than one version is selected, the best choice selected (starting from left) which is accepted by the SMTP server is used.
  • Send Test Mail: If you click on this button, the UMS will send a test mail. You have two options:
    • Test mail will be sent to the sender address (no sender address configured). (Default)
    • Send test mail to the following address
  • Result: Indicates whether the test mail was sent successfully. If the mail was sent successfully, the text will be highlighted in green. If not, it will be highlighted in red.
  • Mail recipients: Mail addresses to which the result mails for administrative tasks and the service mails are sent. If you enter a number of addresses, you must separate them using a semicolon ";".