To create a Firmware Customization, proceed as follows:

  1. Move the cursor to Firmware Customization in the structure tree.
  2. Select Create New Firmware Customization in the context menu.
    The Firmware Customization Details dialog window will appear.
  3. Give a Name for this firmware customization.
  4. Select an Use case. The following can be selected:
  5. Click on Next.
    The Firmware customization assignment dialog window will appear.
  6. Highlight one or more directories or devices and click on in order to assign the firmware customization.
  7. Click on Done.

The firmware customizations created are listed in the structure tree under the Firmware customizations node. If you click on a firmware customization, the associated files and assigned objects will be shown.

The files used in a firmware customization are marked with a FWC-Icon.

If you want to delete a file marked with FWC-Icon, you must first remove it from the associated firmware customization.

The settings for an Use case can be enabled or disabled for a firmware customization as you will already know from the profiles:

Inactive parameter

The parameter is inactive and will not be configured by the firmware customization.

Active parameter without key

The parameter is active and the set value will be configured by the firmware customization.

Exception: The file path for screensaver (custom partition) cannot be disabled.