The UMS Web App is a web-based user interface to the UMS Server, introduced with Universal Management Suite version 6.05.100. The installation of the UMS Web App is optional and handled via the UMS installer

As an early feature set, the UMS Web App can now be used only in addition to the Java-based UMS Console / UMS Web App

A currently limited range of functions will constantly be expanded. The main features include:

  • configurable search functionality
  • managing the directory tree and moving devices
  • shadowing of devices and various device commands (power control, update, sending/receiving settings, reset to factory defaults, etc.)
  • assigning objects to devices and directories
  • managing the profile directory tree and editing profile properties
  • monitoring the status of the UMS network
  • logging of actions performed in the UMS Web App

The UMS Web App and the UMS Console share the same database, user rights, and certificates. 

Changes made in the UMS Console are immediately available in the UMS Web App, and vice versa. They are searchable after the next reindexing, which is executed every hour.


See also the video illustrating the basic UMS Web App features.