Menu path: UMS Console > Server [IP] tab > Mobile Devices > [mobile device]

Right-click a mobile device icon in the UMS console navigation tree to open the context menu for the device.

  • Rename: Give the device a new name
  • Delete: Remove device from UMS
  • Copy: Copy the device
  • Cut: Cut the device
  • Access control: Configure device permissions for UMS administrators
  • Clear 'Configuration Change Status' flag: Resets configuration change flags (blue dot next to the symbols for the thin clients).

  • Send Configuration: Sends the configuration of the UMS to the highlighted devices (this does not happen automatically!).
  • Refresh device information: The system information will be refreshed.
  • Refresh security information: The security information will be refreshed.
  • Device lock: Locks the screen of the device.
  • Clear passcode: Clears the existing passcode for the screen locker.
  • Shutdown (Supervised only)
  • Restart (Supervised only)
  • Reset to factory defaults: Resets the device to factory defaults and erases its storage contents.


    Resetting the device to factory defaults will erase its storage contents.

  • Logging: Messages: Opens the Log Messages window for messages.

  • Logging: Event Messages: Opens the Log Messages window for event messages.