Menu path: UMS Web App > Logging

In the Logging area, you can search for log messages according to the configured search parameters. The last search configuration is automatically saved and restored on the next visit of the Logging area.

When no values are specified in the search mask, all available log messages are shown.

Log messages are available if

Only log messages for the actions performed in the UMS Web App are currently displayed. Logs of the UMS Console are not included.


Search mask

Search criteria for the logs (linked with logical AND)

To remove a value, click and than Search. This updates the search results.

2Search tags

Show the search parameter values specified in the search mask.

If you switch to another area, e.g. Devices, and back, the search tags will remind you that the previous search configuration is still active.

3Log list

Shows all logs that match the search criteria.

  • Paging for the navigation in the log list
  • Defining the number of log messages to be displayed on one page
  • Sorting within any selected column
  • Tooltips, useful in case of truncations
4Clear data

Deletes the logs that are older than the number of days set. 

To delete the logs, a user must have the right "Delete Log Messages", see General Administrator Rights.

Directly after the deletion of logs, a message "No matching logs found" appears. Wait for the next reindexing to view the updated list of the log messages.

However, you can immediately view and search for new logs, i.e. logs for actions performed after the deletion procedure.

It is recommended to delete unnecessary logs regularly to avoid problems with insufficient disk space.