Drag-and-drop is the easiest way of moving devices from one directory to another:

  1. Press and hold down the [Ctrl] key if you would like to select a number of devices.
  2. Use the [Shift] key to select a row of devices.
  3. Confirm that you wish to move the relevant objects by clicking on Yes.
    The Time Changed window will appear. If profiles are indirectly assigned to a device or revoked as a result of the device being moved to a different directory, its configuration too will change. The new configuration can take effect either immediately or when the device is next rebooted.
  4. Select when you want the changes to take effect and confirm this by clicking on OK.

You can disable these confirmation dialogs in the relevant window. You can then undo this change again under Misc > Settings > General.

For details on how to move devices in the UMS Web App, see Moving Devices.