Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Mail Settings

The mail settings described here are required for the following functions:

  • Send view as mail
  • Export view result as mail
  • Export results of the following administrative tasks as mail:
  • Mailing of one-off passwords for IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

    If you would like to use Gmail for sending mails, read the Mail Settings for Gmail Accounts How-To.

  • SMTP host: Host name or IP address of the SMTP server (outbox)
  • Mail sender address: Sender address which is to appear in UMS mails
  • Enable SMTP authentication

    The UMS will log on to the SMTP server in order to send mails. The logon data must be defined under SMTP user name and SMTP password.

  • SMTP user name: User name when logging on to the SMTP server
  • SMTP password: Password when logging on to the SMTP server
  • SMTP port: Port for the connection between the UMS and the SMTP server. For unencrypted SMTP, Port 25 is used by default. For SMTP-SSL, the default is Port 465 and for STARTTLS it is Port 587.
  • Enable SMTP-SSL

    The mails will be sent with SMTPS encryption.


    TLS encryption for transporting mails will be enabled in accordance with the STARTTLS procedure.

  • Send test mail: If you click on this button, the UMS will send a test mail.
  • Result: Indicates whether the test mail was sent successfully. If the mail was sent successfully, the text will be highlighted in green. If not, it will be highlighted in red.
  • Mail recipients: Mail addresses to which the result mails for administrative tasks and the service mails are sent. If you enter a number of addresses, you must separate them using a semicolon ";".