In order to be able to use IGEL Shared Workplace, the following requirements must be met:

  • Users who are to be given a specific profile must be set up in a Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Thin clients which are to allow user logins must have a license for the IGEL Shared Workplace function. This can be transferred to the thin clients via the IGEL UMS license management system.

    If a thin client has been given a license for IGEL Shared Workplace, this cannot be canceled. However, the function can be disabled via the list of available services in the thin client configuration. Login via IGEL Shared Workplace is then disabled.
  • Although not absolutely necessary, the use of the High Availability Extension for the IGEL Universal Management Suite is recommended for larger installations. This will ensure a high level of availability for the user profiles in the network.

    If you use IGEL Shared Workplace with IGEL Universal Desktop WES 7, bear in mind that the default password "user" must be set for the default user "user", otherwise it will not be possible to log in.

    See also Display Configuration for Shared Workplace (SWP).

In this chapter, you can learn about:

The priority of user-specific profiles is dealt with in Order of Effectiveness of Profiles in Shared Workplace. See also Order of Effectiveness of Profiles.