Attaching USB Device to Connectivity Bar

The connectivity bar (part number: 62-5-UD3-POF4/BL) is an additional device for IGEL thin clients IZ3 and UD3 with a new case design. With the connectivity bar you can add:

  • a serial port;
  • a hidden / anti-theft USB port, i.e. for a Wifi USB stick or USB mass storage.

The following description shows you how to open the cradle foot for connecting the USB device and how to mount it on the thin client case.


The optional IGEL connectivity bar consists of the cradle foot and the bottom case.

Connectivity Foot Content

Opening the Connectivity Bar

Turn the cradle upside-down and unscrew the bottom case.

ConFoot third screw

Push the bottom case away from the cradle in the direction of the arrow as shown in the figure below.

Confoot remove case

Connecting the USB Device

Connect the USB device to the USB port as shown in the figure below.

ConFoot USB Device

Reassembling and Mounting the Connectivity Bar

  1. Screw the bottom case onto the cradle again.
  2. Mount the cradle with the attachment screw onto the thin client case.

    ConFoot attach screw

  3. Attach the foot stand with two screws to the bottom of the cradle.

    ConFoot remove srews

Last update: May 23, 2019