To authenticate your UMS to the IGEL Cloud Services, you must register your UMS. This involves uploading the UMS ID, which is essentially a certificate of your UMS, to the IGEL Customer Portal. 

The registration of the UMS is required if you manage IGEL OS 12 devices. If you manage IGEL OS 11 devices only, the registration of the UMS is recommended, but not obligatory.

Exporting the UMS ID

To upload the UMS ID, we must export it from the UMS.

  1. Open your UMS Console, go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS ID, and click Export UMS ID.

  2. Select a storage location and click Save.

  3. Close the confirmation dialog.

Registering the UMS

  1. Open IGEL Customer Portal in your browser and log in to your admin account. 

  2. From the Configure Services menu, select UMS Registration.

  3. Click Register a new UMS Instance.

  4. Edit the data as follows:
    • UMS Name: Display name for your UMS
    • Comments: Optional comment
    • Enable App Portal: Must be activated to enable access to the App Portal by the UMS. Technically, this option allows the App Portal to request the UMS ID. 
    • Enable Insight Service: Allows the Insight Service to collect analytical and usage data for further improvement and inform you about available updates. For details, see IGEL Insight Service.
    • Required - Upload: Upload the certificate file (UMS ID) of your UMS. Make sure that the certificate file has the extension .cer, .crt, or .pem 

  5. Click Submit.

    After a few seconds, the new UMS is registered. If you toggle the sorting by Updated, your newly registered UMS should be displayed on top.