Giving a user sudo privileges can pose a security risk!

The instructions described in this how-to should be carried out by experienced users only.

When installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway with the Remote Installer (see Installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway), the Remote Installer will connect to the deployment server via SSH.

For the installer to be able to perform all required installation tasks, the user provided for the SSH login must be either root or (as of UMS 5.09.110) have sudo privileges. The table below shows how to give sudo privileges to a user on the Linux distributions supported by the ICG.

Distributionsudo included in default installationCommand to add user to sudoer list*
UbuntuYesusermod -aG sudo <USERNAME>


Install with this command:

apt install sudo

usermod -aG sudo <USERNAME>


usermod -aG wheel <USERNAME>


usermod -aG wheel <USERNAME>

You also need to add the group wheel to /etc/sudoers.

* Root privileges are required for using usermod.