Menu path: Setup > Devices > Storage Devices > Automount

Here you can define the devices which are to be mounted automatically when accessed:

List of automount devices

Overview of the automount devices - The most commonly used devices such as the disk drive, CD-ROM etc. are pre-configured.


Opens and enables one of the pre-defined devices


Manual configuration of devices not pre-defined in the automount device list.


Name given to a device - This name is also used for the sub-directory created in /autofs/.


Allows you to select a suitable device synonym - This can also be entered manually.

File system type

Definition of the file system - The auto option should normally be used. If, however, you useext2or a problem occurs, you should clearly indicate the file system that you use.

Automount time-out

Regulates the time-out period - Specify in seconds how long the system should wait before the devices accessed are unmounted. The time period ranges from 0 to 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Do not set the time-out period to zero! This may result in data loss.