Licensing Overview

Using Universal Desktop OS 2 requires licenses. Licenses for the legacy IGEL Universal Desktop OS are not valid for the new firmware. New licenses are not valid for the old firmware either.

Previously purchased licenses do not become invalid. You may still use them for installing and running the previous firmware version.

The licenses are tied to the MAC address of the target system. They cannot be transferred to another system.

You can generate new licenses from the SIM card in the UDC stick. You can do this

  • while installing from the UDC stick
  • after installing on the thin client locally
  • after installing via the IGEL Universal Management Suite.

Alternatively, you can order the licenses for your target devices from IGEL and distribute them via IGEL Universal Management Suite. See Licensing.

You have the following options for installing and licensing Universal Desktop OS 2 on your target devices:

Installing Firmware



directly on the target device via UDC stick

via the SIM card in the UDC stick


directly on the target device via USB stick and UDC2Stick.exe

using the licenses from the SIM card or distributing licenses ordered from IGEL viaUMS


remotely via Deployment Appliance


remotely via RIS-Deployment

When doing a first install from the UDC stick, you can simply insert the SIM card. Then a license will be generated for the device during the installation. See also Installing.


Last update: April 1, 2019